At the Future Foundation,
it’s Today’s Vision,
Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Conejo Las Virgenes Future Foundation (CLVFF) is a civic think tank whose broad mission is the pursuit of quality of life in the region. CLVFF examines the state of the community, engages in regular research projects that focus on improving the live-work experience of residents, and presents regular programs that offer a variety of benefits to people of all ages.

Founded in 1972, CLVFF is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that serves the four cities of the Conejo/Las Virgenes region with a long-term goal of seeking the larger, common good.

CLVFF initiates studies on a variety of relevant topics and shares its findings with corporations, governmental entities, news media, business interests and educational institutions. Over the years, CLVFF has been involved in more than 100 projects dealing with education, the arts, housing needs, work force development, multi-cultural issues and the environment. One recent initiative led to the formation of a new nonprofit that resulted in local construction of a world class fine art museum, the California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks. CMATO is currently open at The Oaks Shopping Center.

CLVFF hosts an ongoing Youth Leadership Program that gives high school students an opportunity to develop leadership skills and become more involved in their communities. The Foundation also sponsors a Senior Congress, an annual forum for older citizens that explores issues affecting residents in their golden years.

The organization’s yearly Community Health Expo provides education and resources to the community on how to improve the quality of daily life, and CLVFF’s annual 10x10 Speaker Event brings together some of the top minds in the region to speak to the public about problems and solutions pertinent to the Conejo Valley/Las Virgenes region.

At the Future Foundation, it’s Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Video “Who is the Conejo / Las Virgenes Future Foundation?” from 2009!

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